My First Week as an Intern at Winberg Associates

By Onam Mehta


To provide a cohesive insight into my first week, working as an Intern Resourcer at Winberg Associates, I have laid out my experience as a 10-hour diary entry.


7:00am: This is my time to get ready and fuel up for work. I thoroughly believe when I look my best I am guaranteed to have an exciting day at the office.


8:00am My 52-minute commute to our offices has begun. On the train, I review over market trends and catch up with the daily news. My up to date commercial knowledge ensures I can provide a bespoke service to all our clients and candidate.


9:00am: My day at the office begins I have a quick catch up with my colleagues and we discuss our goals and targets for the day and crack on with our tasks.


10:00am: This week I have received extensive training. At Winberg, the training is designed to suit me. Being a quick learner, I find the most effective training technique for myself has been to observe our MD Lucy Winberg do what she does best! She has over 15 years of recruitment experience, listening to her converse on the phone with clients and candidates has taught me what it takes to become a successful recruiter.


11:00am: I have already been given the responsibility to converse with candidates myself and practice how to build a strong relationship with them swiftly. This task requires the upmost attention to detail and ability to quickly understand what the candidate requires from us at Winberg Associates.

12:00pm: Lunchtime! This week, Wrap It Up has been my favourite. So much so, the staff already recognise me and know my usual order. We also have Friday lunch club at the office weekly, this Friday we had (early) afternoon tea at Bea’s.


1:00pm: This week I have conducted meetings with senior professionals within the property and finance industry that are looking for new exciting opportunities. Conversing and collaborating with professional teaches me the skills and values needed to build a strong network that will flourish.


2:00pm: I believe to be a successful resourcer, technology must be imbedded into most of my day-to-day processes. It allows me to stay organised, well informed and social media platforms allow us to develop the business.


3:00pm: Another important skill I have learnt is how to map the market to understand the demand and supply of roles and candidates. By using my analytical skills I am able to provide an extremely focused service to both our clients and candidates.


4:00pm: I also spend a portion of my day sourcing CV’s, this task has taught me what makes an immaculate CV and most importantly red flags that can pop up on a weaker CV.


5:00pm: I like to use this time to reflect on what I have achieved today and think about the areas where progress was slower, therefore I set up an action plan for the next day to ensure I stay on top of my work.


6:00pm: My day has ended but my learning experience has not, I am looking forward to the next couple of months as I am excited to see how my skills flourish at Winberg Associates.


I hope the format of this article highlights that despite me giving an hour to hour summary, no two days have been the same for me in my first week and these are just a few of the many endeavours I have been working on at Winberg Associates.



Onam Mehta

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